Vision & Objectives


To create multi-skilled, technically proficient and highly motivated individuals who continuously strive for excellence and are committed to the betterment of society.


  • TRAIN A HIGH-CALIBRE TECHNICAL WORKFORCE Create a high-calibre technical workforce that meets the requirements of modern competitive and quality conscious industries.
  • PROVIDE MULTI-SKILLED TRAINING Impart multi-skill training, giving the students greater competency and flexibility that will ensure professional advancement and a wide range of employment opportunities.
  • FOSTER A SENSE OF EXCELLENCE Develop in the students a sense of excellence by inculcating skills of co-operation, critical reflection and problem solving and the motivation to strive for continuous improvement in all their endeavours.
  • DEVELOP MEANINGFUL VALUES AND ATTITUDES Encourage students to develop necessary skills, values and attitudes to meet the challenges in their professional and personal domains with maturity and confidence.
  • CONTINUAL UPDATE OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS Ensure continual update of knowledge and skills in the relevant technical fields through inputs and training from experts to meet the changing needs of quality conscious industries.