Special Features

  • MODERN, WELL-EQUIPPED WORKSHOPS AND LABS The laboratories at CPAT-TVS are equipped with the latest machines and equipment such as CNC Trainers & CNC Production Machine, Pneumatics Trainers & Hydraulics Trainers, PLC Trainers, Micro Processors and Controllers, Training Kits, Computers, Industrial Robotics, Auto Electronics and Process Control Instruments.
  • IN-PLANT TRAINING IN LEADING INDUSTRIES IN CHENNAI The students enrolled for the Sandwich Programs undergo an effective training in production and maintenance oriented vocations with a stress on engineering & manufacturing type activities. Basic and specialized inputs in theory and practice are provided at CPAT-TVS with a structured in-plant practical training in the participating industrial establishments
  • FACULTY EDUCATION PROGRAM The Centre has a well trained and experienced faculty who impart a competency-based, industry- sensitive training. There is a systematic teacher education program to continually update teachers in pedagogical theories, class room management strategies and teaching–learning processes. The teachers are also continually updated on new practices in industries through systematic training visits to state-of-the-art industries.
  • COLLABORATION WITH TECHNICAL EXPERTS Technical experts from the TVS industries and trainers from CPAT-TVS together expand the prescribed curriculum through developing additional content and competencies that match the needs of quality conscious industries.
  • A BROAD PERSPECTIVE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION CPAT offers a broader perspective of technical education through Special courses in Market Economics and Entrepreneurship. These courses provide students with the knowledge of market dynamics and a basic knowledge of accounting, management and marketing, needed for establishing fledgling businesses.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT The program offers unique opportunities for personal growth and development through courses in Theater, Yoga and Value-explorations. The practices of mindful breathing and meditation, role play, introspection and dialogue on various personal and social issues prepare students to reflect and face challenges that confront them in society.