Computer Engineering & IoT


CPAT-TVS offers a lateral entry into the 2nd year of the regular diploma program in Computer Engineering and Internet of Things(IoT).

Computer Engineering plays a vital role in digital transformation as it provides powerful algorithms for problem-solving, efficient computation frameworks, and systems for organized storage and utilization of information.

IoT refers to the interconnected network of devices (physical objects or things) embedded with sensors, actuators, software for control, and technologies for data exchange. IoT caters to the customized needs of users and maximizes the value of products.

Computer Engineering and IoT is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that deals with programming languages, data structures, cybersecurity, algorithm design, operating systems, and IoT-related technologies like data analysis, AI, and Interconnected devices for the development of IoT products and related services which include sensing, data processing, actuating, and data exchange.

An expert in the field of Computer Engineering and IoT develops smart systems in various sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, and services sectors.


This program provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of computer science engineering such as software development, algorithm design, hardware systems, problem-solving tools, and technical writing to enable students to acquire the necessary attributes to become technically proficient in this new dynamic field.

These fundamentals are further developed to enable students to design smart IoT-based systems through various topics including Data Structures, Electrical and Electronics, Sensors and Actuators, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Object Oriented Programming, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Python Programming, AI/ML, Data Analytics and the necessary software.

The special courses offered in this program include Values, Yoga & Meditation, Business Economics & Entrepreneurship, High School Math and Science, Functional English, Relay Logic Control, Industrial Sensor Networks, Cyber Security, App Development, Scripting language, AI/ML and R-Programming.

Continual revision and upgradation of the curriculum ensures exposure to new technology and new industrial practices. Students have opportunities to study under experienced industrial engineers, software developers, and automation system design experts.

This program prepares students for a diverse array of employment opportunities and to pursue further education.

Courses Offered

Competencies Acquired From The Program

The students

  • Learn about technologies associated with Computer Engineering and IoT Systems such as Computer Programming and Software Development, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Hardware Systems, Sensor Networks, Data Science, and Security in IoT Systems
  • Acquire hands-on experience in Computer Programming, Python Programming, JavaScript, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Computer Networks, Web Development, Operating Systems, Data Science, Robotics, IoT, etc...
  • Acquire hands-on experience through individual projects


After completion of the Diploma program, CPAT graduates are eligible for lateral entry to the second year of B.E / B.Tech.

  • 100% of the graduates who opt to work are placed in top-notch industries
  • About 60% of our graduating students choose to pursue a degree in Engineering

Career Opportunities

All successful graduates will be placed in the following industrial positions:

  • IoT Technician / Engineer
  • IoT System Developer / Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • IoT Solution Design Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Embedded Systems Engineer/technician
  • System Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Engineer


Every graduate will be placed in leading industries in the region. CPAT-TVS students receive excellent commendations from industry experts for their innovative ideas, high motivation, and initiative. 

CPAT-TVS students are being trained to meet the expectations of Computer IoT industry needs.

CPAT-TVS is having association with the following IoT based Software companies and Manufacturing industries:

  • Zoho Corporation
  • e-con systems India Private Limited
  • eNtrust Software Solutions Private Limited
  • Propeltech Technology Solutions Private Limited
  • Addverb Technologies Private Limited
  • Future Robotics and Automation Private Limited
  • Schneider Electric India Private Limited
  • Kritilab Technologies Private Limited
  • Qmax Systems India Private Limited