Technology applications in industry:
Semester – 2 Credit Hours
These courses are specially designed to enable students to understand and use the latest technological applications in industry. This enhances their employability and value in the market place.
Business Economics & Entrepreneurship:
Semester – 2 Credit Hours
Business Economics and Entrepreneurship courses enable students to understand markets and financial tensions, trends and systems. The courses in this area enable students to understand the processes of banking and investment and to directly participate in these activities.
Personal Growth and Development:
Semester – 2 Credit Hours
This program offers unique opportunities for personal growth and development through Yoga, Meditation and Ethics and Values. Practices of mindful breathing in Yoga and introspection and dialogue on various personal and social issues prepare students to ably face the challenges that confront them in society.
Our curriculum gives equal importance to theoretical study and practical training in the core, allied and ancillary subjects.
CPAT offers additional theoretical and practical courses in the following areas which enhance the students' skills and knowledge to meet the quality conscious needs of industries.
Advanced Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Advanced CNC Programming & Production
CNC Maintenance
Total quality Management
Industrial Drives & Controls
Advanced Welding